Training and Seminars

SI knowledge is key to eliminating, up front, high speed issues you may be challenged to debug otherwise. Electronic Expertise offers several types of SI Training including the following.

SI for Engineering Managers
This is a one day course intended to target leaders involved in coordinating the design and development of Electronic Equipment incorporating any of the following typical high speed components such as Micro-Processors, Memories, X-Bars, Optical interfaces, GigaBit Differential Communications links and the like.

The intention of the course is to familiarize leaders in the Electronic Equipment design community about how Signal Integrity can impact their designs and what can be done as well as what type of resource may be required.

Interface Level SI
This is a 2 day class covering SI design and analysis of processor and memory interfaces. Termination, Topologies, IBIS models, Impedance, Clocking, bus timing as well as PCB and package effects are covered. The SI CAD tool Hyperlynx is used as a hands on lab instrument to directly observe SI effects.

The intention of this course is to familiarize one with core elements of Signal Integrity design when architecting a modern Digital System.

Advanced SI, details for the un-inhibited
This is a 2 day course intended to delve into detailed SI analysis. Students are welcome to bring in their SI issues, and time/scope permitting, they will be tackled in the class.
IBIS, SPICE and 3D simulation approaches are discussed. Parasitics effecting high speed interconnects such as multi-gigabit links are central subject matter.

The intention is to cover the more complex issues of SI that may be overlooked in an introductory class.

Understanding SI tools
This is a one day course intended to familiarize one with modern Industry SI tools.

The intention is to help you determine which tool or tools would be the most effective for your applications. Tools ranging from “what if” simulators to powerful 3D analysis tools are covered.

Courses are periodically offered based on demand. Additionally, they are offered on a corporate level. Please inquire through the information page about scheduling any of these courses at your company.

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