Signal Integrity Design & Analysis
Electronic Expertise is a signal Integrity design and analysis Consulting Company. Implementing, designing or carrying out engineering changes to high speed digital or analog designs, is likely to require detailed signal integrity (SI) information.

Experience in designing High Performance Time Critical Systems. 6 million + designs in the field.

Specializing In:

  • SI design
  • Analysis
  • Training

High Speed signal / structure design and analysis. Characterization of both analog and digital systems and circuits.

Industry Highlights:
Design and analysis of Motherboards, Back planes & High-speed IO cards used in Network Controllers, Routers, Printers, Medical Instruments, Commercial Photographic, Video & Enterprise DASD. This analysis extends from Printed Circuit board level down through 2 & 3D IC Package design and analysis.

Electronic Expertise
Nick Krull

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Signal Integrity Design
And Analysis