Electronic Expertise has the capability to analyze in a “what if” fashion at the project inception schematic / block diagram level or by direct examination of a routed PCB (data base). Electronic Expertise can effectively enter your design process at any point.

Transmission line effects including Timing, Loss, Cross Talk, Over & Undershoot can be predicted. Also, impedance calculations and PCB stackup creation are basic to Electronic Expertise’s capability. Databases from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Pads, Orcad as well as others can be accepted and analyzed. Archectectural and Topology advice as well as Routing rules are common deliverables.

Analysis can take the form of 2D or 3D full wave representations using IBIS or HSPICE models as well as other models such as VHDL-AMS. Encrypted HSPICE is particularly usefull in proprietary situations. Electronic Expertise also has a sophisticated 3D design & analysis capability particularly attuned to IC Packages, PCBs structures such as Vias, Connectors or any generalized interconnect. 3D analysis is very useful in understanding frequency dependent effects, such as loss, impedance & propagation delay, of packaging, connectors or unique interconnects. Lumped element, full wave spice or S-Parameter representations can be created and utilized.

As an additional service, Electronic Expertise can also produce IBIS models from HSPICE files.

Consulting fees are based on a project or hourly basis, whichever is more prudent for the situation.

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