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Signal Integrity Design & Analysis
Electronic Expertise is a specialist in signal integrity design and analysis. Implementing, designing or carrying out engineering changes to high speed digital or analog designs, is likely to require detailed signal integrity (SI) information.

The Company
Electronic Expertise, SI specialists, Experience in designing High Performance Time Critical Systems. 6 million + designs in the field. SI design, analysis and training offered.

High Speed signal / structure design and analysis. Characterization of both analog and digital systems and circuits.

Industry Highlights
Design and analysis of Motherboards, Back planes & High-speed IO cards used in Network Controllers, Routers, Printers, Medical Instruments, Commercial Photographic, Video & Enterprise DASD. This analysis extends from Printed Circuit board level down through 2 & 3D IC Package design and analysis.

SI effects come into play whether you are dealing with a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), a component package or general interconnects such as a connector or interposer.

The high speed transfer of energy from point A to point B is governed by transmission line physics which can rob high speed designs of positive operating margin, reliability and create Electro Magnetic Emission (EMI) headaches.

Knowing SI details enables you to meet sub nano-second timing budgets, minimize EMI, remain within safe analog operating limits of your components and perhaps reduce your overall design cycle by “doing it right the 1st time”. The later point could amount to a significant savings in both time to market, schedule & project costs as well as production warranty expenses. Electronic Expertise has both the intellectual knowledge to understand the theoretical aspect of Signal Integrity as well as state of the art 2 & 3D simulation CAD tools to squeeze the most out of your design.

Electronic Expertise is the proud user of SI Software by these professional companies



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